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Create video ads within minutes in high resolution and full HD support.
Choose from hundreds of templates. Give life to stunning video content compatible with major advertising platforms.
It’s simple: Create + Edit + Export in MP4...​ and voilá, your video ad is ready to go live.

Engage Your Audience. Engage Your Brand With Video Ads.

As opposed to traditional static ads, video ads gain higher engagement and skyrocket your brand’s online presence. OnlyMega is your quick and easy solution to produce incredible video ideas ​within minutes.​ Design your next campaign with video ads and forget about creative snags, technical production or export issues.

Expand your campaigns. ​Get inspired, use different effects, fonts, transitions, and templates.

Hit it out of the park. B​ rands investing in video ads see results straightaway. Draw attention to your brand’s promotions, sales, new products, and much more. Export and publish your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other major platforms to gain exposure.

Promote your Brand with Creative Video Advertisement

Looking to skyrocket your brand’s online presence and engagement?
The best-proven way to gain success is by creating tip-top video ads online.

Up to 60 fps

Export animations with frame rates up to 60fps for a smooth-running ad.

MP4 Video Export

Export your animations & videos in MP4 format to use across all platforms.

Animated Templates

You don’t have to start from scratch. Choose from hundreds templates to begin.

Custom Animations

Customize your animations to fit your brand’s style in just a few tweaks & clicks.


Compatible with any platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc...

Optimized size

It is possible to select your video’s compression and optimize the quality.

Run Smooth Transitions in Videos

Choose from hundreds of transitions that make your videos run smoother from frame to frame.

Transitions are perfect tools to give your video advertisement a creative and unique touch. You won’t need any design, technical or coding knowledge to apply transitions to your video ads. In just a few clicks, you’ll end up with an incredible advertisement.

A Better Solution in High Resolution

Video​ is already​ “the next best thing” when it comes to online advertising. Grabbing your audience’s attention in a blink of an eye is what video advertising is all about. Now you can do it in high resolution and full HD support. Try it now.

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