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OnlyMega provides an easy-to-use AMPHTML ad creator that requires no prior coding experience. Ads utilizing this framework, perform faster, better, and generate more revenue. Easily create AMP banners for display campaigns, social media, and websites. You can generate great experiences anywhere your audience goes. What are you waiting for?

AMPHTML Ads Deliver Like no Other. No Doubt About it.

As of January 2019, Google has amped their ads too. 12% of all display banner ads are now using the AMPHTML structure that drives incredible ROI.

AMPHTML executes secure, high-performing, user-first experiences. With a rising 11x increase year after year on Google’s display network using the framework to deliver ads, it’s safe to say that advertisers, publishers, and business owners are entrusting AMPHTML to boost results, revenue, and ROI. This is what it’s all about.

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If it’s not fast, it’s not good enough. Today, visuals that run quickly and smoothly will ensure that your business is integrating the user-first technology that really matters.

The Advantages of AMPHTML Ads in a Nutshell

Delivering quicker and more engaging content to your users is key. Give your clients the speed they expect by creating AMPHTML ads for various platforms.

Your AMP ads are yours to control. You can modify anything you need to ensure the best user experience, no other parties will have access to this.

No hassles whatsoever. AMP is an easy solution for building just about anything you need. It’s light, secure and holds no surprises.

AMPHTML ads will perform 6x faster than regular ads, making them more engaging and effective for your strategies.

Boost your ROI with this Easy-to-Use AMP Banner Ads Maker

ROI is incredibly boosted when building experiences for users. If you’re an advertiser, publisher or business owner, ensure users experience high-performance and security with AMPHTML, compared to other ads running on any regular webpage.


Run ads & banners. AMP ads load 6x faster and are 3x lighter than HTML5.

Click-through Rate

Boost your CTR rates through the roof as users engage with your ads.


Create AMPHTML ads compatible with any device (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet).

AMP Banner Ads will Drive Higher Viewability.

Create AMPHTML ads that perform 6x faster than regular ads which ultimately results in higher viewability rates. Users will engage as they are actually driven to do so, unlike with traditional ads.

Make tweaks depending on metrics & performance. Always be optimizing for the best results. AMP ads will leave you amazed as you create straightforward, smooth-loading banner ads for your platforms.

Be a Leader. AMP up the way.

With AMPHTML growing year after year, you have the opportunity to pave the way to user-first experiences in your niche. Impact your audience by creating AMPHTML banner ads now.